1. Why did you start the blog?
    It started out as a joke and a bet. A friend offered me Froggy and challenged me. Could I have enough imagination to express ideas, feelings, stories in one shot using silly toys and ordinary objects? And can I make people laugh? So with this blog, I am trying to say: yes, I can. Most of the time, I hope.

  2. So you play with toys all day?
    Not really, I have a job too... 
  3. Where do you live? 
    I live circa Paris. But the blog is mainly in English, even though I translate in the langue de Molière occasionally for my family and friends. 

  4.  Are you mental?
    Well, yes and no. I received a pretty good education, college and all but somewhere along the way I slipped. I decided it's good to dream and go nutso when people around you talk about money, work and stupid relationships.

  5. Do you own the rights to use the frogs?
    No. Sadly.

  6.  Do you advertise for the blog, or get paid to do it?
    No, I don't. Occasionally I try to register it on bloglists so more people can see it. I absolutely don't receive a penny out of it. 

  7.  Can I use your pics on my blog? Can I send you ideas?
    Oh, yes, please do. Just make sure you mention my name and that you don't use my work to make money. I will upload your own pics if they correspond to the philosophy of the blog.

  8. What's the philosophy?
    I think we need to laugh. Every day, every where. And we can find ways to laugh without being nasty and cruel. I mean, not necessarily. Besides, there are so many things we can see with new eyes...That's why the blog explores randomly many topics and situations.

  9. So, you are serious about it...
    Dead serious.

  10. Do you really make one frog every day?
    Absolutely. Except when I don't.

  11. Why so few videos?
    Well, it's pretty long and difficult to edit videos. I'm doing my best.

  12. What will make you happy?
    If you rate or comment the frogs. Commenting works better than rating, coz blogger messes with the rates' figures every once in a while. Poor me:( 
    If you like the blog, do spread the word around.

    thanks for visiting :-0