IndecentProposal Frogs

Grenouilles avec une proposition indécente

'Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a king and a queen gave birth to a little girl who was named Aurore, for she filled their life with light just like the light of dawn.'

Gigo: What' you reading?

Gigo: Tu lis quoi?

"To pay their respect to the princess, three good-hearted fairies offered her the gift of beauty and a melodious voice. But the evil fairy threw her a spell."

Gigo: I'll kiss you right away, if you want.

Gigo: Je te donne un bisou tout de suite, si tu veux.

'Before she is 16, she will prick herself with a distaff...and she will DIE! Unable to break the spell, one of the fairies said: you will prick your finger but you shall not die. You will fall into a deep sleep, that will last quite long. But one day, I promise you, you shall be awaken by the kiss of Prince Charming.'

Gigo: I brushed my teeth, ya know...

Gigo: je me suis brossé les dents, tu sais...

Castle of Disneyland Paris.

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