AParrots&Priest Joke

       A woman comes to see her parish priest one day. She tells him: Father, there's something dreadful about the two female parrots I bought last week at the store. They can only say one thing.
- Pray, what is it?
- Well, they say: ' Hello, we're hookers. Do you want to have some fun?'
- You're right, that IS terrible.
The priest thinks for a minute then smiles to her.
- I have a great idea. I have myself two male parrots, which I have trained in the love of Our Lord. Do bring your pets tomorrow and I am sure Francis and John will be of some help to inspire them with more pious thoughts.
The woman thanks the priest warmly and leaves.

The following day, she knocks at his door. She removes the cover from the cage and there stand the two female parrots, apparently quiet. She carefully put them in the cage in which Francis and John are praying, holding their beads.

Right away, the female parrots start enthusiastically to arrange their feathers and say in unison- clearly and quite provocatively: ' Hello, we're hookers. Do you want to have some fun? '
A deep silence follows these words.

Then one male parrot turns slowly to the other and say : Drop your beads, Francis! Our prayers have been answered!!!'

NB: beads= chapelet

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