This blog started as a frog joke. Right.
Now I am completely surrounded by frogs. On my desk, I have the 4 frog gardeners. I have a box of plush frog toys. Big ones. Little ones. Dressed up ones. Silly, one-dollar ones. Short hair. Long hair. No hair. Grass green, emerald green, dark green.
Believe it or not, I did not buy any of them. I just let one friend buy me one and then everybody figured I must be collecting frogs. Last one is a duster that I used to make a pik. http://onedayonefrog.blogspot.com/2011/04/bigheadache-frog.html

If fans would send me more, I'll burst out in tears but immediately will figure out fun things to do with them.
So what's next? Difficult to get the blog seen without ads or texts so I shall have to write a little bit.
Week-end will be spent filming some craaazy stuff. And doing the music as well. Lots of work while you shall be eating bunnies and all.

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